A vertically integrated holding company dealing with construction, agriculture and motorcycles.

Our companies

Penta Ge.Co. Construction

Our turnkey general contracting company located in Belgrade Serbia. Penta Ge.Co. specialises in industrial facility with a growing focus on residential and commercial projects.

MG Precast

The adria region’s leader in precast concrete structures – a key element of any industrial facility. MG Precast is located in Inđija, near Belgrade. A highlight is its vast, advanced production facility spread across 43.000 square meters.

Loom Of Fruit

One of Europe’s leading manufacturers of prestressed concrete poles used in anti-hail protection systems for crops in agriculture. Loom Of Fruit is located in Smederevska Palanka, 70 km away from Belgrade.


Burnout d.o.o. is the exclusive distributor of Ducati and Benelli motorcycles in Serbia and the Region. In addition to that, Burnout operates the Ducati dealership in Genova, Italy.


The company was founded in October 2018 and has been involved in the construction of prefabricated buildings for infrastructures ever since. The group acquired SPI in 2021.


Previously known as KMZ Contractor, Indicon operates as a project bureau offering services focused on the precast concrete construction industry, with a presence in Serbia and the Region.

About Us

The KMZ Group is a vertically integrated, diverse holding of various companies with a focus on construction, agricultural technologies and motorcycle distribution. Our history dates back to 2007 and the foundation of Martini gradnja (now known as MG Precast) – the Adria Region’s leading manufacturer of precast concrete structures.
Since 2007. we have been at the forefront of economic expansion in Serbia and the region, involved in the most significant direct foreign investments in the Region, while at the same time developing good cooperation with local investors and clients.

When we say diverse, we truly mean it. Passion met business through the founding of Burnout – in Serbia and later in Italy. In this operating segment, we are among leading motorcycle distributors in both markets, representing world famous brand such as Ducati and Benelli, as well as motorcycle equipment manufacturer SW-Motech in Serbia. In the agricultural technology sector we are active with our companies Loom of Fruit d.o.o. and Bacca Blu d.o.o. The first being one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of precast concrete anti-hail poles, and the latter being a very developed and technologically advanced blueberry orchard. These two companies alone are active in over 10 markets, across Europe.

50 m

EUR of turnover in 2021

2.3 m

square meters of built projects since founding


hectares of crops covered with poles


motorcycles sold in the region

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    To apply for a job with the Group or any of our companies, please send a cover letter together with your C.V. to: office@kmzgroup.rs